Leadership and Management training programs

Coaching: Unlocking people’s potential
2 days

As many people do not understand the difference between teaching and coaching, this training program is designed to help you appreciate the philosophy underneath the success of most famous international coaches: Helping people learn by themselves rather that teaching them! By following the four steps GROW model, you will develop your ability to turn coaching into an energetic and engaging practice enabling your people to unlock and drive their own personal potential and achieve outstanding achievements.

Program outline:

After completing this training program, you will optimize your ability to:

  1. Run a "Goal focused" coaching session, helping the coached person to become more aware of what they need to improve in their performance, and brainstorm about what better alternative will help them realize their full potential.
  2. Adopt appropriate coaching behavior, creating a positive coaching environment and avoiding behaviors driving coaching resistance
  3. Understand “when” and “when not” to coach, identifying in which situations coaching is not an effective approach, and adopt other more appropriate people and performance development
  4. measures
  5. Appreciate and adopt a versatile coaching approach well adapted to diverse personality styles and
  6. psychological preferences

Team effectiveness strategies
2 days program

Many managers today face the tough challenge of dealing with personal and cultural diversity and in leading effective team synergy. Interpersonal team conflicts often lead to work disruption, de-motivation and team performance failure. This training program is designed to help managers and team leaders drive more effective team synergy and effectiveness

Program outline:
  • Module 1: Personality styles and team synergy: This module focuses on the ability of team leaders and team members to optimize team effectiveness by identifying and optimizing use of diverse personality styles charisma.
  • Module 2: situational decision making: this module focuses on team worker's ability to understand the importance of driving consensual decision making in certain situation, and the urgency to make autocratic decision in other situations.
  • Module 3:Bruce Tuckman's Team Development Stages: This module focuses on team worker's ability to understand the behavioral change they need to drive when driving their team through the 4 stages of team effectiveness (Forming, Storming, Norming, Performin)
  • Module 4: Handling team conflicts: This module focuses on team worker's ability to use the Thomas/Killman conflict management styles in handling internal team conflicts, choosing the right conflict management style as per the situation at hand

Leadership & Mapping people development
2 days

At different stages of their career, people go through diverse situations where their performance and motivation goes up and down. Based on Ken Blanchard’s best seller “The one minute manager”, this training program will help you take ownership of driving your people performance and motivation and lead them into realizing their career aspirations as well as your organization’s goals.

Program outline:

After completing this training program, you will optimize your ability to:

  1. Understanding how the leader’s role is a mix of focus between managing people’s development and managing task completion, and how the leader should go beyond simple supervision into engaging others towards a vision of change.
  2. Help your people overcome the assumed constraints holding them from realizing their full career potential. Assumed constraints are self-conceived limitations coming from past negative experiences, preventing people from unlocking their full potential.
  3. Partner with your staff in setting performance goals in a realistic, yet challenging manner, and transform those goals into milestone with effective performance indicators
  4. Diagnose your people level of competence and commitment on each goal and identify what kind of support they need from you and from the organization in order to meet those goals
  5. Understand the variable diversity of human motivation, and apply people motivation tools to drive your staff’s full engagement towards achieving an outstanding performance
  6. Run assertive performance management dialogues with your staff, providing them with the support they need, and helping them design a fully integrated PDP (personal development plan)