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Talentis Trainer Profile
Dr Roger Saba

Dr Roger Saba, Founder and managing director of Talentis (2012), is a certified trainer in many fields of personal and professional development, notably: leadership, communication and management skills.

Doctor in Pharmacy, graduated form Saint Joseph university in Beirut, Lebanon (1991), Dr Saba acquired a 26 years very diversified experience in sales, marketing, training and coaching. 

Dr Saba, holded the following positions:

  • MENA (Middle East and North Africa) training and development manager at Eli Lilly Company, a multinational US based pharmaceutical company (2004 -2011).
  • Marketing manager (1996 – 2002) in BMS (Bristol Myers Squibb) Pharmaceuticals
  • Medical sales specialist (1991-1996) in Bristol Myers Squibb pharmaceuticals, and Upjohn pharmaceuticals.

Dr Saba has strong capabilities in delivering courses in 3 main languages: English, French and Arabic.

Dr Saba has also a wide experience in HR topics having being part of many task forces on improving talent retention, optimizing succession planning, developing training curriculum maps and employee motivation strategies.


Some of our clients

  • Eli Lilly pharmaceuticals
  • Jansen pharmaceuticals
  • Roche pharmaceuticals
  • Union Pharmaceutique d’Orient
  • Bellapharma,
  • Ronesca,
  • Reviva
  • Hamad Medical Corporation (Qatar)
  • Boehringer Ingelheim
  • Amgen